Make Your Next Trip to New Zealand a Journey to Remember

Thu 09 August 2018

The next time you decide to explore New Zealand and the glorious Bay of Isles, why not take a road trip and get the most out of your journey with rental cars Paiha? There’s no better way to discover and explore than by traveling along winding roads and a good rental car is what will make your trip safe and comfortable. So, stock up on snacks, turn on some good music and enjoy the ride!Safe, reliable and comfortable.

Of course, you’d want your journey to be a pleasant one and impromptu breakdowns or car troubles are what you want to avoid. So, the car you rent needs to be one hundred percent reliable. Epic Rentals is a car hire and rentals service situated in Kerikeri and Whangarei, New Zealand and not only are their vehicles regular serviced, but they are kept clean and fresh – giving you that “new car” experience as you adventure through the country and enjoy your view. 

A journey to remember.
These days we find ourselves short on time, so when we do get a moment to go on vacation we tend to try and squeeze as much as we possibly can into a couple of days, leaving us more exhausted than relaxed. A slow road trip through the paradise-type beaches and majestic mountains is an ideal way to get to know a country, experience the land for what it is and clear your mind as you drive along the roads sided by magnificent views. 
Are you ready to start the engine?

Epic Rentals Pahia can be found online or are just a phone call away. So, start your holiday planning today, or ensure that your next business trip is a smooth and enjoyable ride by ordering your rental vehicle ahead of time and from a reliable company. 

It’s time to get behind that wheel, press the peddle and let the adventure of a lifetime begin! Oh, and the family can join too, what better way to bond than being cooped up in a car together!