Here's How you Select the Ideal Church Wedding Venue

Sat 18 August 2018

There's a lot that's taken into detail when it comes to Christchurch wedding venue hire. Of course the aesthetics come in handy (you can't think of any couple that'd what an ugly venue, can you?) and so does accessibility or rather proximity to the reception area. These pointers could be the key to a glamorous wedding. 

Find out when is the venue available and at what cost

Ask yourself whether the church venue of your choice will be available on your date of choice. It would be a great idea to have a list of dates rather than a a fixed one. With this taken care of, do a little homework for clues as to how the rate changes for different days or seasons. 

Event specifics

So what's the church's capacity? Find out how many guests you can fit into the space without seeming to be too squeezed. Will there be decor restrictions? What does the church allow and what does it not? It's also important to check the parking space. Is it enough for everybody? Will it be secure? If the venue ticks all these boxes then you're good to go. 

Next comes the logistics

Most church venues (or rather all wedding venues) may be under a noise ordinance. Town/ council rules may require music to stop at a certain time. Don't rub the authorities the wrong way. You could be spending the night in a not so comfy place rather than enjoy the first evening of together. If need be, you can arrange for a portable restroom. 

One thing about church wedding venues is that they are often a familiar place. A place you worship at regularly often. The minister and congregants must be people you work, live, went to school or know of. Talk of home being where the heart is.